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Wallpaper Removal & Installation Mississauga

Removing and installing wallpaper is hardly easy. Don’t you want the job done right? If so, our company is at your service for wallpaper removal & installation in Mississauga, Ontario. Do you need both services – to remove old wallpaper and install new wallpaper? Or, do you want just an old wallpaper removed and the wall painted? Or just wallpaper installation?

You will be glad to hear that Painters Mississauga covers all such needs. And so, the right thing to do is to contact us to make an inquiry. If you are ready to discuss your project, our team is right here. For now, let’s take a closer look at these services – wallpaper removal, wallpaper installation, and wall painting.

Mississauga wallpaper removal and installation experts

If there’s a need for wallpaper removal and installation, Mississauga residents can depend on our team – and our expertise. People want different things and have different tastes. Some want to remove wallpaper because they don’t like wallpaper. Some want a new motif on their wall. Some have suffered a leakage, which destroyed the wallpaper, and now need the wallpaper removed and the wall finished.

You can trust our experience in all such services. You can also be certain of our knowledge regarding wallpaper. Despite the wallpaper’s material, dimensions, and condition, it can be removed and it can be installed to perfection. Feel fully confident in entrusting such jobs to our team.

  •          Wallpaper Removal. The pros use special tools to cautiously remove wallpaper, regardless of the material. They show enormous patience to leave no trace of wallpaper without causing wall damage.
  •          Wall Preparation. Now, let’s see what happens once the wallpaper has been removed. There are often some flaws and dents. Whether the wall will be covered with new wallpaper or not, its imperfections are addressed. The wall is cleaned, sanded, fixed, and primed, even if it’s not painted. The purpose of priming before installing wallpaper is dual. Primers will help remove wallpaper easier – when it’s time to do so. The overall wall prep and priming create good bases for the new wallpaper to sit on and thus, look perfect.
  •          Wallpaper Installation. Wallpaper of any material is perfectly installed. With the base cleaned, well-prepped, and primed, the wallpaper installer goes by all specs of the product to ensure excellent application. The wallpaper adheres properly to remain in place and impressive for a very long time.
  •          Wall Painting. There’s a chance that once the existing wallpaper is removed, you don’t want wallpaper installed again. No problem. In this case, the pros prep the wall, as explained above, and then, paint the wall. It goes without saying that you are provided with color consultation beforehand. And so, the wall is painted with your chosen finishing product and color.

Do you want to share your wallpaper plans with us? If you seek specialists in wallpaper removal and installation, Mississauga’s master team is standing right before you. Contact us.